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Another Cracked 500 Blade,photo's

T tail

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I have witnessed 500's being stripped to the bone to move drills in the summer.All 4 doors off,the floors,seats and the battery out after start.Then to take off to go move a piece of the drill with 70-80 lbs of fuel on.And do this repetitively all day long.I have also watched guys pulling the scav-air bypass door to get a few extra degrees out of the engine.


They're obviously using the wrong A/C for the job!


P.S. Does the pilot do a weight and balance amendement after removing all this equipment from the A/C??

And where's the STC to be flying without a battery? I haven't looked but my guess is that the 500's Type Certificate includes a battery........

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So where is CONTRAIL on this ?????, just remember when you have the doors off, seats out, floor out, battery sitting by the fuel cache and are running around on fumes...i hope you have a 1000ft ceiling...I'm just off outside to bash my head against a brick wall :wacko:



cheers TT

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T tail: Your idea about dog collar sounds good.


People always try and put a price on safety. In my opinion there is NO price on safety.


The HUMS system should be the cost of doing business as should the time's away from home, the type of helicopter for a particular job and numerous other items.


Who is the professional on the job??????, is it the owner, the customer or the consultant or maybe the pilot.


Having carried out more "Audits" than Contrail, was always of the belief that the final decision was the Pilot in Command.


Pilot Decision Making (PDM) has been around longer than Contrail and I.


When the day comes that the PILOTS get enough guts to give certain individuals the BIG FINGER and take back there own rights which means already adhering to the regulations imposed by there individual licence, they don't need them from an additional source.


It is very basic accept it or do something about it, HAC won't as they are part of the problem.


In other words get organized.


Cheers, Don

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Quote:T tail

(unfortunately there always seems to be someone who does pull that little bit more to get the load away...)


That my friend is were the HUMS system comes into play, saves the company money from those assh#*les and keeps everybody honest.


You are going to tell me that an assocciation with enough members and structered by-laws would not be better received than consultants by companies that have no alternative except to hire them to get them some safety features, that everybody adhers to, including the company you are employed by.


Think about it.


Cheers, Don

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