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privately owned BH 407 in NS

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whirlygirl,the 155 is hauling execs around the local golf course''s and doing pickups and drop offs in Halifax,I would expect.Haven''t heard from Lee in a few months but he does read this site so we may get it from the horses mouth.Richard''s company just bought a new 407 for him to ride around in.The serial # must be in the 500''s.His old one was 108.

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I would like to know where the 407 is parked in Bedford.I will be in N.S. for the month of Sept.to wipe the dust and cobwebs out of my cottage and then settle down with a nice cold one and visit a few people.

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Mini,I''ve only been in Richards hanger once...it''s about 2 miles NE of the shopping centre at Bedford on the north side of town...give Dexter Construction a call...ask for Richard Folk.He would enjoy the chance to chat with a fellow chopper person,I''m sure...tell him Pottsy sent you.I will be working in NS in mid Sept.Will give Richard a call.

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