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pledge or 210

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Okay,40 knot breeze from the south east,500 ft. ceiling,1 mile vis.in fog and rain drops the size of golf balls that litteraly bounce up off the ground once they hit it.Except your not on the ground,your flyin your trusty steed.How do you keep the rain off the windows long enough so ya can see where yas at.210 sucks in this situation,keep the pledge for the piano and grandmas knick knacks.Any of you out there try Rainex or similar products,AWESOME1111111


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heard pledge was acidic, so went with johnsons, I heard from a guy to only use your hand on a bubble after the water and soap, as cloths and sponges collect dirt.

New paint is scratched on cars the same way, the paint makers want high pressure washers first.I use rainex on the vehicles, and will write them for plexi info. I guess I will try everything on a corner, and see who wins...

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An aircraft detailer once gave me what for for using paper towels on the windows. He told me that the best thing to use are cloth baby diapers. They work great!!

You usually only have to wipe once and no smears or streaks. Its best to wash them a few times before using. I always carry a couple with me, and just rinse them out if necessary. I also use Turtle Wax brand "Finish 2001" (in the bright green bottle) for the windows. I put a little on a damp diaper cloth (dampened with water)

and smear over the windows after cleaning with water. It dries to a haze real quick and then wipe off with the dry diaper cloth.

If you have trouble finding them, Zellers of Walmart quite often carry them. They are well worth it and really make a difference on windows. The Finish 2001 even makes water bead up and run off of the Astar windows.

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Rainex works wonders, but be careful, it does etch some plastics. We use it on the glass windows and it is worth its weight in gold.


A little work in involved, but Rain Dance car wax is great as well. It is a blue coloured wax I initially used on fixed wing.


As for the paper, avoid using dry paper on plastic windows, you might as well use fine sandpaper because that is what the result will be. I was staying in a motel one time and asked for an old cotton towel to do the windows with. They had five garbage bags full of stained white cotton towels (coffee stains do not come out easy) and gave me two bags for free. Well we were a good customer and that always helps.


It never hurts to ask...

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Guest graunch1

If you can still find it there was a product on the market for car-detailing called Dry Wash,n Guard.It was one of these Amway type persoanl sales companies.

It is a non-silicone cleaner polisher that is used for cleaning cars even wiping up the dirt directly off the car's finish6.gifIt really does take dirt off without scratchng. I won't use it that way on windows etc but on clean glass or plexiglas it puts on a very slick, distortion-free finish that bugs don't stick to and water just beads off. Much better than Rainex or it's new verion (made in France). The tire cleaning stuff that comes with this kit is great for taking bugs off the airframe. One little squirt and they literally dissolve in front of your eyes.

And for those that care....the cleaner-glaze meets Boeing's spec for a/c cleaning material

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