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pledge or 210

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Pledge or 210? Well I'd use and have used both. I'll favour 210 first though. Pledge works great until you have a build-up. Now fall or winter comes. You pick up a crew with snow on their boots and the heater is on. You take-off. "Presto' you are IFR or becoming so from the build up on the inside. This can also happen without the use of Pledge I realize. Pledge appears to hasten this event along. So either don't use it on the inside, use something to remove it every once in awhile, keep the windows well open when people are boarding or look out. I'll still use it myself, but remind myself always that an old engineer reminded me one time of what would happen. I didn't listen and almost paid the price. I err in favour of 210 most times as a result.

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I used to mix Turtle Wax & water 50/50, smear it on, let it dry and buff it out.  Works really good.  Just make sure you get the non-silicon based Liquid Turtle Wax.


I''ve also heard of guys using Jewllers Rouge paste but I never had the balls to try it as it seemed really granullar to me  and with my luck.....well we all know what the outcome would be.





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I have been using base coat clear coat finishing compound and my wen buffer from can tire and a wool pad. Takes scratches out easily on bubble doors from helmets .

Way easier that micromesh. also a place called industrial plastics that sells glues plexi etc, that has stuff. I bought Mortons brand as it was cheap.I guess they trust gold to rouge, so! I practiced on some broken pieces also.

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For the really bad bubble, I''ll use Meguiar''s liquid compound, #''s 10 an 17...then 210 after that combined with these really neat 3M (pink)washable cleaning clothes which leave absolutely no haze...Prist on the insides


But then again....I''m a fanatic, with wayyyyy too much time on my hands!

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And to us pilots (inconsiderate ba$tards) I have a sugestion:

If you wear the SPH-5 types of helmet, glue some felt on the visor cover (Works with Alpha too) that way you''ll prevent the worst scratches, so those poor wrenches don''t have to work their a$$ off on some minor stuff when there are bigger fish to fry


(from the learnings of Jon Eakes??)

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In a season, I have seen a new window destroyed because the pilot flying the machine only used 210 straight on the dirty window. The window was replaced, the pilot should have been too, he still doesn''t do it properly.


First thing is make sure the window is cleaned with water and a cotton towel (or deer hide Shamoi) before applying the 210 or pledge. Anyone just spraying over dust, dirt and dried fly guts needs their butts kicked. First thing in the morning is best with the morning dew softening up the bugs.


Don''t use circular motions when cleaning windows. Straight wipes top to bottom will avoid those circular scratches that you see when flying into the sun.


Last bit of advise, only use windex on glass as it will etch into the plexiglass just as lemon pledge does. Lemon pledge is acidic because they use real lemon in the product.

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