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Federal Labour Standards Review

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Ahh John Moore, it is interesting that you actually responded to a rebuttal often it seems you simply hit and run perhaps am getting under your skin:


You said:

"The conclusion seems to be that if not for the presence of Mr. Engst something very bad may well have happened. This underscores my contention that pilots often have a very difficult time saying no and at times cannot say it."


Your contentions are true but not very astute for a seasoned geo. Also, I may point out that I was 19 and the geologist was in his thirties, and when a person of experience makes claims of a certain job it is hard to say "sorry sir even though you have more time in the air than me ahhh,,no" I did do it many times and am still here. Some haven't. When it comes to mountain flying there are many times when the book says the job can be done but due to airflow is impossible, so sometimes you can only try. This is where experience/training and a good person you can call on help. No federal law here to help.


You also said:



"Perhaps in some cases this may be true but if this method of gauging a man’s mettle in the field is the only one you use, I am afraid you will be in for a few surprises. The two environments are so vastly different that I fail to see how performance in one can reliably predict performance in the other."


I did not claim they these predictions do make a good pilot. They make for a good man and frankly after being in aviation over 25 years, I have not been surprised by observing someone do odd jobs and look after things on the ground. If a person has good work ethic cleaning a truck they have a good work ethic. What makes a good pilot is a whole different ballgame.


You said:


"Perhaps it says something good about a man who “sticks it out” in an uncomfortable situation. Perhaps he is trying to make things better and feels an obligation to the company who gave him the job. If you are the owner of a company or at least involved in the management of one as I suspect you are, then do you not appreciate this quality in an employee? "


Only if they are treated humanely, living in a horsetrailer and not getting paid all the while flying in windy, high mountains with little to no training, you don't need a whole lotta common sense to determine that it is just not right..if that person can't tell the difference in time then yes,,sorry that person is not for me.


You said;


"You have called me a “numbskull’. I don’t really mind this sort of thing as I believe men are entitled to express themselves even if they do so clumsily. As this rather mild insult has withstood the moderators’ axe for about 24 hours I believe I am entitled to a ripost. Helimac declared, “Well said scully!”. But it was not well said, certainly not by any critieria for well-written prose with which I am familiar."


Well written prose? moi....surely you jest.


Your personal opinion on the election and pilots as janitors probably did not help to create a informative discussion, leave the garbage out and you won't get garbage back. Put it in and well, you get what you came for.


Blackmac, see above for what was wrong thing JM's post. As far as being a pilot and only a pilot,,,hmmm I was there before, during and after the deregulation. Didn't affect my work ethic or my job description, was working for a small company that meant everyone worked together. I have seen the job descriptions you mention and have had a few discussions with AME's over who's job it is to do what. They missed alot of areas such as who keeps the aircraft clean and who hauls fuel???? These areas now are addressed at most companies and it is normally expected of both parties, depending on work load.


Do I want the feds telling me that I am not allowed to get my hands dirty helping with a 100 hour inspection,,,duck no. I hopefully will always be able to work at a place which takes full advantage of a persons wants and interests, be those interests mechanical, technical, literal, academical(not me obviously) or physical. This is one of the greatest things about helicopter aviation; diversity in jobs and adversity in conditions are common place am sure you have been there and without a manual or a federal law to ensure the level of the outhouse is kept below the rim.


Do not confuse my reluctance of a federal law declaring what a pilot/ame will be entitled to do or not with me remaining completely unbiased to any type of pilot/ame representation. For that discussion is left to another thread sans JM types.


Oh and Happy New Year everyone :up: :up:

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Standards? Hmmm, not sure where you are working, but any company involved in oil and gas has all the standards which apply to each oil company they work for. Health and Safety manuals are mandatory. Oh, and what about your medical and Transport Canada standards? Maybe go ask your operations manager to see the 3 inch thick binder of customer standards. Check out the standards required to drive a pickup with a licenced gross weight over 4500 kg across a provincial border,,,,same standard applies to your pickup as an 18 wheeler. What about standard to carry a few drums of fuel around let alone a fuel trailer. Personally I think we have friggin standards up the wazoo and really don't want any more. Next thing will be requiring two persons with 8 ft tall ladder with fall protection to put on the winter cover. :down: :down:


Perhaps there is a need for job descriptions which will help.


Who laughs at you? Most people I meet respect my job, many have no real idea of the intricacies related. It is kinda like an american laughing at us using the word touque, I just laugh back and ask what do they call it, a wool hat, or perhaps a polyester hat or maybe a synthetic device in which to keep your body temperature up and eliminate frost bitten ears,,,,,usually just explaining what you do helps and if they keep laughing, give them a ride and land somewhere cool, if they still laugh,,,,,laugh back.



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