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Class 1 Medical - Eye Limits ?


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Hi everyone ,


in : http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/Regserv/...ards/t42402.htm


it says : the refractive error falls within the range of ± 3.0 diopters (equivalent spherical error);

(amended 2003/06/01)


my eyes are :

sph cyl

-3,25 -2,25

-2,25 -1


so i think i wouldn`t get the medical , but does anybody know if there would be a chance if i`ll do a Laser Operation ?


btw.: in Europe and the US, the limits are softer for renewals , is this the same in Canada ?

i couldn`t find anything in the official docs :huh:



Thank you very much :up:



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It all depends, are your eyes corrected to 20/20 or better with contatcs or glasses? This is the main concern.


Laser surgery has come along ways in the past years. The waiting time to get your medical back is slowly decreasing about three months???

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I would strongly advise the laser eye surgery. I got my eyes zapped before I got my lisence. The procedure now is so quick and easy pretty much walkin in get zapped and go home. There are follow up eye appointments and a litte bit of a waiting period before you can get your medical but the best money I have spent. I went from poor vision to better than 20/20 vision . as far as any side effects I havent noticed any.

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I had a -7 and i was denied my medical,after i made a few phone calls all tc wanted was a letter from the doctor stating that my vision was corrected to 20/20 and my eye health was good,i have since had prk surgey ,prk take a bit longer to heal up but i now have better than 20/20 and all is good on the medical side


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Does anybody know if corrective laser surgery can be used for the dreaded ageing eyeballs. You know, the arms aren't long enough anymore, or, can somebody turn up the lighting?

I've had to start using reading glasses, mostly in dim light, and its slowly getting worse. the eye doc says its common in people past their forties. bummer.

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