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Congrats, Mike & Linda!


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Thanks for all of the comments. Linda and I feel, as well as everyone else here at Vertical, very honored to be recognized by HAI. It just goes to prove that when you stick with something that you believe in, you can succeed.


You will all notice a delay in the release of our next issue. It will debut at Heli-Expo in Florida March 1. Not only will this issue be nearly double the size of what you are used to seeing in terms of page count, but it will also be a new look for Vertical. After five years, Linda and I felt that we should refresh the look of the magazine.


We have added new sections to Vertical, including ‘New Products and Services’. We have also expanded our ‘Photos from the Field’ section to two pages in order to keep up with the stunning pictures that are being posted here on the forums.


Two other new Departments we have added include, ‘There I was…’ and ‘Torque Talk’. In the ‘There I Was’ department we are looking for input from our readers in regards to past experiences, you know, those incidents that you learned from and said you would never do again, and that others can learn from…only if you pass them along. ‘Torque Talk’ deals with helicopter dynamics. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see covered in this section.


And, as always, we look forward to hearing your suggestions of what you would like to see covered within the pages of Vertical Magazine.


Thanks for all of the continued support!

Congrats Mike and Linda keep up the good work. I love reading your magazine.


Ken Wilde

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