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Military Reserve Helo Pilots

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Hello all,


I recently went to the Department of National Defence website looking for info regarding flying helicopters in the reserve but only found info on full time pilot recruiting.

Would the military reserve possibly look at newly licensed pilots or helicopter pilots with under 1000 hours as canadates to fly in the reserve ranks...???

Anyone on this forumn flying for the reserves willing to provide inside info on getting in the reserve forces helicopter pilot pool..?? I believe a large amount of helo reserve pilots are stationed in Ontario at CFB Borden and some in Kingston,Ontario.....i believe there are a few reservists flying in B.C as well...not sure about the east coast.


Thanks in advance,


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Reserve units themselves are responsible for recruiting pilots. The recruiting centers are useless when trying to join or even get info about Reserve opportunities. If in the Borden area, go directly to the 400 SQN ARAF and they can help you. In Alberta, go to 408 SQN ARAF at CFB Edmonton (or whatever they're calling Namao now).




p.s. If you can get in, pass all of the required courses, qualify for a category and then go operational, it is a VERY GOOD way to fly. Getting there is a SERIOUS struggle though.

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You can go to the reserve ranks. The west has pat bay, Edmonton, the east has gagetown, Borden, Petawawa, just to name a few. To qualify for reserve training this is what you need...500 hours of helicopter training, ifr, and night rating, and because it's an officer's position, you need a university degree. Then we send you to Winnipeg for a week to evaluate your flying skills. If you have any more questions, you can pm me, or ask on the forum. Good Luck,



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Many moons ago when the air wasn't so full of toxins,(Early 90's) the CAF, in joint effort with the Army had a program for such a case called HELICOP. I think it failed due to lack of interest from the Sqdn CO's. We all had a great time there but ALOT of politics and RED TAPE!!! The training was excellent and the crews where great to work with. I am not sure if Air Reserves Augmentation Flight (ARAF) still has this program in place?

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A little story about reserve pilots. Several years ago I was on a course with several Air Canada pilots. A senior captain just had to tell me his story when he found out I was a helicopter pilot. It seems this guy flew Kiowas on weekends in the reserves. He was so proud of the fact that once he flew a Kiowa from Toronto all the way to Thunder Bay all by himself in the winter. He seemed a bit miffed when I didn't look impressed.

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