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Long Line Weather Mins

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ewa - my 'comfort zone' may not be your 'comfort zone' and I NEVER leave mine nowadays because I've cleaned out my underwear enough over past eons. Long-line or not, you are into a subject termed "Bad Weather Flying" and you discuss that subject here at your own peril. We all have had 'adventures' in that regard and some are between us and our God only. I believe it's termed "Experience". :D

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Guest 1cloud

Fly to what your comfort zone is , there are those with lots of time in smudge pit we call weather , but catch the line once hauling *** across the spread IFR with a load, if you lucky you can get rid of the teather if not your in gods hands. I've seen friends with no leg to stand on. Operations and the client forget about the push they were giving, and you have to deal with the legal mess . There is always another day and the coffee pot is waiting .


Be careful it all about liability

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