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All political lobbying much like our American cousins....our Air Force was essentially told to re-write the parameters for the new utility helo to fit the 412 because that was what they were getting whether they liked it or not and it was the government glad handing Bell and the Montreal area, the MBB deal was the same for the company and Fort Erie.


The Yanks go through similar lobbying, that's why the USCG snippers are shooting from the door of an Agusta 109 vice a Blackhawk and they use Dauphins for SAR. All politics and support for Augusta Bell to help imports.


It will never change....that is why I think the Sea King replacement will be the NH90 as our current Liberal gov is for whatever reason (Chretien's nephew is Ambassador to France, quel surprise) is sucking up to France. However I must say that I cannot foresee what Mr Martin will do and Sikorsky is teamed up with Bombardier so historically......too bad, the S92 is not my choice at all.

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Mag, a 4 bladed Astar with a C47? sounds like you are into some major "product improvement" at EC..... :D


The day EC takes over Bell is when I burn up my Heli licence :D;)


Any idea why Native Air rolled up their new B3 last night on the airport in Mesa AZ ? sounds like another "loss of control" issue ??????????

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