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Canada's Best Contribution To Aviation


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With the coming of the 100th anniversary of flight, I am curious what every one thinks has been Canada's best contribution to aviation. Anything, from aircraft to people (other then Louie ;)) to anything else that has to do with aviation.


What's your opnion?

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The AVRO ARROW :up: ...........too bad the politics ruined such a great aircraft and that we lost all the good people who made it happen to other countries :down:


Where would we be now in aviation...................Kinda makes y'a wonder





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Bush planes, and the folks who worked with them. The pioneering work of those who flew those Norsemen, Beavers, Otters, and Twotters, inspired everyone. Hats off to those who built, maintained, flew, and HIRED them.


Close second - our helicopter industry has led the planet in ingenuity, vision, and skill, despite being overshadowed by the sheer numbers south of the border.

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