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Hatra Exam


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Don't sweat it, it's the easiest exam TC has. IFR knowledge will help but is not mandatory to pass if your VFR knowledge is solid. If you can read an approach plate and a low chart your in a good spot. Apart from that know your airlaw and met basics and you'll sail thru.


If you're a new IFR pilot you'll find the exam comical compared to the INRAT.

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It's a joint project between myself and Phil. He's been working hard putting his professional touches and quality on it making it ready for print. It'll be a great up to date book that should far surpass anything out there right now. Loads of stuff from CPL right thru to ATPL level material.


It's had a few test runs with select student pilots going thru commercial training right now and all of them raved about it.


With Phil and I living a few thousand miles apart it been a long road to get to this point, but all the credit goes to him for making it a reality. He's been burning the midnight oil for months now. If he says it'll be done in a month I don't doubt it. Once it's published you'll hear about it here first I'm sure and can find it thru his website Electrocution Technical Publishers

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See PM's




See PM's.




Your screwed now....someone just used terms "basic" and "knowledge" in the same paragraph....all over for you buddy might as well come on home now lol :prop:


See you in a few days!

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I'll just second Ryan's first post, Unless we both lucked out and got the easiest version of the exam TC has. When I wrote it over half of the questions that I had on mine were word for word the same ones the were on my commercial exam.


Theres no surprises on it, just study the CARS that are listed in the study guide, and a real basic understanding of how instruments work and youll do fine.

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