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Ctd's Training Pays Off

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Up here, the ones behind bars have been lappin' up some of that fine 50, if you know what I mean ;)


That'd kinda suit him but there'd be an aweful mess back there if you're anything like the local g-men.......that's why the Subs have got plastic benches that I'm sure he'd be already accustomed to...... :o


Maybe the Malibu ain't such a bad idea.......................not B)

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OK, since the thread has my name on it, I don't mind hijacking it.


So, we're off to the Muskokas next weekend (LongRanger, T5Limit, Flinger, and a couple other invited dignitaries) for a weekend of drinking warm milk and telling mild tales. L-R is arriving YOW on the 15th, and we'll spend the evening by the smoker, getting one of these puppies ready for the weekend.

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:D Yeah, but there's still hope for you - I might come down with some form of digital polio or sumpin'.




-Boil 10 cups water

-Add turnip

-When turnip is cooked, drain and throw away.


You can use the same recipe for Brussels Sprouts.


I need to talk to you, are you in the hangar tomorrow?

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