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Squirrel - Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

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Sorry CTD I have to bite;


Can a strawberry milkshake not have hydraulic ability, ahhh....maybe is oxygen mixed into the system?  This would allow some sort or bad stuff to happen me thinks, please explain. Foaming usually affects lubrication abiltiy of oil, and has tendancy to blow seals(anyone see the monkey joke about the penguin...its just ice cream,,,sorry).



I'll post some more in a week or two, more like two. Not trying to be vague, just don't feel it's appropriate right now - there are other issues in play here.

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Hey Maggie,


I couldn't agree more.....a refreshing change and very informative. :up:


I really hope they come up with a fix to this annecdotal issue. 1 loss is TOO many let alone the actual figures. :down:


Really look forward to any info you come up with in the next while CTD. I'm sure it'll make this thread even better than it already is with all the tech. info etc.....that will increase everyone's awareness and safety.





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Final Report on Fatal MNR Helicopter Crash to be Released Tomorrow



Tuesday, March 15 2005, 3:00PM


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada will release its final report tomorrow on the fatal MNR helicopter crash that took the lives of four Sault MNR employees. The accident occurred on January 21, 2003 in Mekatina, Ontario.


The helicopter, after experiencing a hydraulic system failure, departed controlled flight and crashed while manoeuvring for landing at a logging site in Mekatina. Before the incident, the pilot and three passengers on board the helicopter were conducting a moose survey approximately 45 nautical miles northeast of Sault Ste. Marie. The pilot and three passengers, all employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources, were killed.


Stay tuned to LTVNEWS.COM tomorrow for the results of that report.

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A good rule of thumb for anyone flying Astars, specialy in cold weather: Once a day, use your flashlight and shine strait through the sight glass on the hydraulic tank. If the fluid is clean, you will see strait through it to the other side of the tank. When it starts to get contaminated, you won't be able to see through it but it'll look the same color from the ground. If it's pink, change it!!!!

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Always change my hydraulic fluid at the 100 Hr. What's 2 litres of hydraulic fluid anyways, 26 bucks.

Have had water in the hydraulic tank twice, once at -45 deg at Point Lake NW of Yellowknife (using a Honda powered Herman Nelson, hot cold condensation build up from heating up to 5 times a day), and once in Fort St. John at -30 ish (aircraft going in and out of hanger 3 plus times a day). Noticed crystals floating around in the fluid through the window during a turn around check outside. Drained the fluid into a clear plastic bag and brought it inside where the particles went away. No evidence of "Strawberry" colour fluid.

I personally think people should change their fluids in any aircraft at the 100 hr when they are subjected to large temperature changes. It only makes common sense.

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No connection here at all, but does this subject about "oils" ever bring back the memories concerning the "games played" by everyone concerning STP et al in Jet Ranger heads of 30+ years ago. Approaching to land and not being able to get the collective down or up without huge input, makes me hope they have definitely and finally solved THE problem. Agreed also.........great subject and thanks for the contibutions guys.

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