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Just wondering what people do when they're not flying helicopters full time. For example: do you run a business, volunteer, travel, ski bum in Whisler, work overseas, etc...? Also welcome are comments from people who fly full time and juggle other stuff on the side! Or maybe you fly helicopters full time on the side...

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Continue to build up the fastest and best looking 79 Mini on the planet,and then hunting down all the young kids with thier Cameros and Fireturkeys and Golfs and Hondas and kicking thier butts when springtime comes around :up: :up:

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I had a friend with an old Mini. Had it hopped up to 98 HP, up from 38 if I remember. It was a freak show to watch him smoke the big boys.


In my past life, I hung a long cable under an oil leak, and invented bowling games with greasy humans. Now I don't fly much anymore, and plan to make that zero in the coming few months. My logbook will be brassed and put on my mother's mantle with my baby shoes. A Newfoundland and Labrador provincial holiday to commemorate my grounding will be announced when the strike is over.


As many of you know, I'm a fat alcoholic and a federal employee - both of which have been linked to atrophy of the brain. In addition to editing the 8 sheets of green and white toilet paper that arrive in your mailbox quarterly, I also represent the Minister (Old What's-His-Name) on helicopter accidents, usually international ones or sometimes really bad Canadian ones (so stop having them). I am also responsible for human error, and THAT is no coincidence.


I run two very small businesses. The first is a tiny motorcycle accessory company that builds two (soon to be three) very simple products and sells them to unsuspecting BMW owners. Usually Americans. The second is an even tinier aviation consulting gig that has done some training programs for a couple of misguided outfits, and gives the odd vertical reference seminar to mouth-breathing helicopter pilots.


I cook, ride my motorcycle 20-40,000 km/yr, play the piano like Elton John's tone-deaf ham-fisted neighbour, read books with big pictures, sing in the shower, and listen to the radio. I also spend some time on the web.


So there. Let's have some fun in here girls, chime in with stories of your miserable lives.

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In Winter I sleep :) More seriously, I manage to scribble a few words to add to the pile of books and articles and once Visa has been paid back I can justify picking up the novels again. Otherwise, the Irish rebel songs on the accordion are coming on well (where's that monkey?), and I modify the odd radio and fix the odd computer. I don't plan to stop flying helicopters, but I will be restricting it to slinging and fires only.


Oh yes, I'm an keen listener of the Art Bell show



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OK, now let's see if my I can match up to you fellars.


I'm not a heli pilot nor ame, I'm an old lady that lives in a shoe. I fell into aviation some 20 plus yrs ago in the operational/maintenance side of things. Ran into the likes of Sharkbait, CTD and the others I haven't yet guessed. Got the aviation disease bad. Couldn't afford a heli license so the next best was fixed wing. I should have listened to Sharkbait - I would be one of you's today. I've returned to work just last year because of my "old lady who lived in a shoe predicament" and work as a sales & biz develop. director for an overhaul and repair facility for, you've guessed, aircraft parts & accessories. I read most of Sharkbait's hand-me-down books (BTW Sharky I'm getting low on literature) and look forward to his returns so we may get together with other aviation-love sickos (Agent XK47) and rehash the rehashed stories again. We never run out, never get bored and if we did run out, we could always re-invent! I try to fly whenever I can, seems like summertime is when I can pull it off most often.

My sideline biz is rather new and for now rather little too. I've finally got my hands on some heli spares & non moving inventory and trying to sell it off for a fee. I also do some head hunting for heli companies.


I have the potential of getting fat and drinking lots as my pal CTD. BUT, don't have the luxury called "time" to do so. I cook. I religiously read the quarterly green and white papers that come to my mailbox. I also sing in the shower. My radio is always on. I sleep 4 hrs/day. I'd love a bike, but drive more often than not, a grand body-mover. BTW CTD, my van won't burn up anymore in front of your chateau for 2 reasons: 1) I've got a new one now and 2) I don't know where you've moved. I use to own a mini in 1970 something till I drove it into a 10 wheeler - I then got a Javlin followed by a Cutless Supreme (which my brother wrapped around somebody's tree).


I thrive on humor, it helps .....

Twas my bedtime story ...


Dance floor is yours ladies 'n gents,

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I spend my spare time in the winter reviewing books for Biggles. Counseling all of my "getting divorced" friends ( got 4 at the moment ) :wacko: which depletes my Whiskey collection and arranging dinner parties ( the larger the better ) for my demented friends.

Speaking of Minis my Base manager just bought a fully restored one from Jolly Old and is having it shipped to his home in BC - nice car.

Summer time off ( yes- some people have time off in the summer ) consists of driving the 1990 Miata ( a MG that works when it rains ) and hanging out at the cottage. I also pester a friend to finish rebuilding his 180 so we can go splash around. :rolleyes:

Worry not Biggles - home the 14th May - I will have a book or 2 for you to read. JK is back from her hibrination in Bermuda so Rube's is in order as soon as recovery from the TQH reunion is complete - Mark and Sylvia say pool will be online so a Sunday recovery poolside will be my plan. :up:

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