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Mediums Going East

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Within the past week I have seen 3 medium helicopters on the back of transports heading east. One was from Mustang, and another looked like it was a old Northern Mountain Machine. Anyone know where they are all going? I heard rumours that Mustang is looking for any mediums they can get their hands on, regardless of time. Any truth to this?

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...from the TC database...


Venture - 14 total aircraft 3 - 205A1

Mustang - 20 total aircraft 2 - 205A1

Heli-Inter - 16 total aircraft 2 - 205A1

Heli-Excel - 10 total aircraft 0 mediums


That accounts for 60 of his aircraft, I though he had around 75?

What other company names does he cut rates..err.. operate under ?

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The problem with this guy sending his mediums back east is that it will only be temporary. We'll probably breathe easy for a year or two until Hydro Quebec doesn't need them anymore and then they'll be back out west slashing prices again.

What we really need besides regulated minimum tariff prices is for the Alberta government to get off its -ss and do what the Quebec government has been doing right for many years= protectionism :up: :up: :up:

Those wannabe helicopter owners wouldn't be out west giving it away as if was the friggin midnight madness sale if Alberta regulated who can set up shop within its borders just like Quebec does.

When's the last time you heard of a western operator go to La Belle Province and start a base to compete with easterners. Heck, from what I hear, contractors like welders, electricians, plumbers and all sorts of workers in general can't go to work in Quebec (even if they wanted to!!).

I personally don't blame them at all!!! At least they're protecting their own industries from inter-canadian competition.

Why not restrict businesses from coming to Alberta unless their is a shortage of that type of service? There's obviously plenty of helicopters in this province (low tariffs are an obvious proof), so why do we allow out of province companies to come here and degrade what is an already flooded market?


I want to make it clear I have nothing against Quebec and its citizens; we found them to be extremely friendly, warm and accomodating last time we went fighting fires there. It just happens that some of the biggest sh-t disturbers to land in Alberta came from there.

No offense anyone!

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