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206b Ii Fuel Loading Sheets Up To 92?96 Gal's

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Hi there everyone (no free calendars offered here, but a big thank you perhaps?)


I am looking for the actual pages from the POH of the Bell Jet Ranger II, that have the fuel loading sheets. Our manual is too darn old!! :shock: , and therefore does not have it! (serial no 187).


Are there any pdf's or other type sheets, that anybody may help me with?


Cheers in advance

Winne :rolleyes:

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There are no such tables in the jetranger II flight manual.

If you want that information you need the jetranger III manual.

It has all the info you will need, and the numbers will work out the same for the

jrII. Bell never issued a revision for the jrII. :down:


HM :hide:

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To all,


It IS the fuel loading table for the III I'm looking at, and if noone wants it published, they can PM me, and again THANK YOU! :up: , for helping out.


I read in the FM that if the machine was fuelled up all the way, with normal loading you'd still be within the CG emvelope, but I'm redoing a Excel sheet, and need the table with the CG/Moments for each different weigh/ammount.


Again, thanks!

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