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Changing The Face Of Training


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Ah yes, the old I'm a taxpayer ...... well me pays taxes too ya know.


Yes our schools could probably handle it, we would need more instructors but as 100 ft states, we are totally geared towards a crew environment and would have to drastically change our courses to turn out VFR, longlining 206 drivers.


The one thing the military does do that perhaps civilian schools should and or could do is selection training. While the answer may not (obviously) be for the military to do training across the board, it may behoove the industry to start selecting pilots more along the lines of what we do.


You would get fewer pilots into the schools and have a chance at training a more employeable end product. This would only work through legislation by government so that all schools were on equal footing of course. Perhaps that is where the focus should be? Selection and limited outputs regulated by geographical area?


Don't throw stones, just thinking out loud and generating discussion, I am definitely not criticizing nor am I professing that our (DND) system is better.


PS: Putting Wings on five brand new pilots tomorrow and on Monday we start the new course with eight newbies fresh from the Harvard II. Gotta teach those poor kids how to fly properly, none of those silly runways now...

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I'm not trying to bash your idea, but I am curious, I was turned down for CF duty due to 20/30 uncorrected eyesight in one eye. Does this mean I'm unfit for anything more then recreational flying?


I think the idea of some sort of entrance requirements for a Commercial school involving something other then "Do you have money?, you do? lots of it?, great, welcome aboard." would be a great idea, and standardized courses could deal with more real world applications, simulate contracts in various types of fields, ie spray vs. siesmic vs. IFR etc. to try and give students a wider base of knowledge.


Winne et al. I know not all schools accept everyone with time to kill and two truckloads of cash, but some do, and I reckon these are the ones this post is about.


As always, my most humble of opinions.



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Good comments everybody, I wasn't trying to put you on the spot MS.Biggles, all in good fun.


VR: Good comeback, I was thinking more along the line of using the same facilities and possibly equipment up to a certain point, with a more cohisive approach to training for both military and civvies.


Anyhow, like I said, it should be looked at.


Cheers, Don

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well I am visiting my grand parents in France right now and am having a bit of trouble with their azerty keyboard so bare with me on sp. and punctuation.


I would have to start with a reply to the suggestion that flight training should be militarized. Although some good points were mentioned, this would also present some difficulty as it is entirely a different can of worms. First of all, education is a provincial jurisdiction (this includes higher education and trades) while the military is national. I leave you to ponder any further implications.


From what I understand as it is currently, you would also have to commit yourself to the military for 10 years and pay a fine for every year you did not live up to that commitment.


Secondly, again for my female point of view, there has been some suggestion that women have a slightly increased risk of being raped when working in the military (I heard it is less harsh in Canada though). This does not get publicized for obvious reasons. I am a communications major so I know a a little about media control...

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Dear Winnie,


Thanks for the suggestion. Did you mean London, Ontario? or London, England? If it is England then I think that the added cost of conversions, not to mention living in London and paying in Pounds would be a bit much.


I am not finished my flight training. I have about 150 hrs and still have to finish CPL, multi, IFR. I was just so frustrated with dealing with flying schools and their men that I am taking my dad's advice to wait until I am finished my degree, which is soon enough anyways and then go to Toronto or Halifax. Why Halifax? because one of the pilots that my mom works with (she is an FA) said they only have old experienced instructors there who won't try to date me.


Dear #### thank you for your concern but rest assured I don't let things go quietly. I have been openly opposed to sexual harassment and I do complain about it. So much so that some of the guys told me that it is cute when I am mad and that annoys me only more - apparently to them being angry is considered flirting. Someone will have to explain this to me some day. I am lucky that my instructor for the private license was a woman because I don't know how I would have gotten through it otherwise. Unfortunately, she doesn't teach anymore because she couldn't put up with the environment either. Oh and trust me, I HAVE taken the remainder of my training elsewhere, so much so that I have rented out of 4 flying schools. I have come to the conclusion that I will probably run into the same problems no matter where I go unless maybe I go to Halifax ;)

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