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Pilots And Antidepressants

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What is the physiological profile of most pilots?? I think you'll find they are fatalist.

I have to disagree here. I will never fly with a fatalist (or superstitious, for that matter) pilot. Fatalism, or any kind of belief into fate, kharma... tends to make pre-flight inspections and airmanship less necessary.

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Great Topic Elan,


Black Mike do you have any idea what constitutes as depression? Have you ever sat around a table with aviation types? I am quite sure you have as you have been in this business for as long or longer than I have. I believe that a good portion of pilots and engineers alike suffer from varying degrees of depression even yourself maybe at some point, especially in the heli industry. Most conversations I have been privy to with alot of my peers digress at some point and focus on being underpaid, under appreciated, over worked, ****** benefits or lack there of and the list goes on. Simply being consumed with what others are making, or getting that you are not receiving or constantly thinking of ways to improve your net income or quality of life is actually considered depression. I am sure everyone can relate to the hanger or bar room ***** session and if you haven't been just wait a little longer. I give the thumbs up to anyone that has recognized this in themselves and rather than self medicating like so many of us do with booze they are actually seeking the proper help.

Australia is leaps and bounds ahead of North America with their stance on mental health issues and their pilots. They would far rather have someone getting the help they need than to be suffering day to day trying to hide it! I am glad that things are progressing on this side of the pond because I think the problem is quite epidemic in aviation circles (my opinion)

For all you smokers out there, the common remedy to quit is Zyban well guess what! it is Bupropion an anti-depressant, a mind altering drug that could by right ground you. (something to think about) anyways I am getting too long winded so I will wind it up with this, before a person throws rocks in glass houses a self analysis may be in order. Get the help if you need it, it is not a sign of weakness!!

Not picking on you Black Mike I am just pointing out that depression is not always that person who has given up on life.


Have a great season all and keep er safe

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