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Hey... Where Is Everyone?


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i'm with mag on this one... tears flowed like amber brown hops and barley the day molson closed the doors of it's party house here in YQR... :(


no more could we grace the hallowed halls of molson house... and savor the cold beverages as they eased the aching muscles and dry throats of those who had just participated in sponsored sports...


let's all get out there and do our part... pop those cans, twist those caps... a national treasure needs our support...


all together, lets hear the anthem of beer.... "buuuuurrppp!!!" :up:

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I made a comment on here thanking the pilots for whatever reason (my memory fades as I get older) and got peed on from high hights by a certain AME who shall remain nameless.

I have tremendous respect for anyone in this industry as I know the hard road that you take regardless of your chosen avaition path. At that point I was giving my respect to the pilots. Heck, if I want to get sh@t on from the heavens, I just need to go to work I don't need to come here.

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I'm back from Holland and will contribute my thoughts every now and then.


And you don't have to respect me because it wouldn't matter anyhow. :up:


I have started two new projects.


First I am going to take a crack at competing in the world aerobatics contest, I have started already with one of Europes best in a Pitts S2B, I want to see if someone my age can do it.


The second project is I bought a Super Cub frame and am going to make a PA11 clone out of it with amphib floats and use it to teach new pilots how to fly in the bush.


I am not doing it for money, I just want to pass on some hard learned skills to the younger generation, because I remember what it was like when I first started.


Actually I am an almost seventy year old teenager. :up:


Rev. Chas W.

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Lets see if I can post a link here.


http:www.airliners.net/search/pho...inct entry=true


If that works you can see a real neat picture of the Cat doing a formation break at the Lelystad airshow on Sept.04/04.


I have some more pictures of the formation we flew with the DC3 and will post them soon.


If the link works enlarge the picture as it is quite neat.


Rev. C.W.

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Elvis, my son....would you be kind enough to put PH PBY into Google search, then click on aviation photos PH PBY and the third picture down is the formation break from the DC3 that I am talking about.


When you enlarge that on your computer it is a neat shot.


P.S. in the first picture in the link you put here the Pitts inverted...PH PEP is the machine that I am using to see if I can get good enough to compete in the unlimited catagory...


Thanks in advance for your help my son..the Reverend Chas W.

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