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Floor Liner For 350

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We removed the old carpet from our Astars and installed what is commonly known as "coin lino". It's real name is Aeromat 2000 and normally used in the galley on Boeing jets. Eurocopter also sells new Astars with it. You can buy it in Edmonton from a place called Edmonton Aero Interiors 780-444-6026 and ask for Lawrence.

The great thing about this stuff is that it comes with a certificate of conformity so you can install it as a minor mod and once it's in, it you don't need any floor mats.

The stuff is easy to clean (just open all the doors and hose it down) and tough as nails.

It weighs the same as the carpet and comes in light grey, dark grey and dark blue.

It is a bit pricey $700 cdn per A/C but well worth it.

We also installed that stuff in our R44 instead of carpet and are about to do the same to our Jetranger.

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Check out this site www.lonseal.com


Go to the safety section and see lonplate I or Lonplate II. This is a great product, comes in different colours and designs. The lonplate looks like checkerplate comes in black, charcoal, and grey. Easy to clean and weighs less than carpet, especially since it doesnt stay wet.


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yup, Call the "Chicken Man" ( no S_it that's what people call him) At Edmonton Areo interiors. He's the man. He also does great winter covers for the astar.

I have just seen another type of flooring in an Astar. Its just like the "Coin-Lino" but has a "Check Plate" or "Diamond Plate" pattern. Also the stuff I saw was wide enough not to require a seam down the center.


Ask the Chicken man.



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Sorry about " 100ft" MAG, I't all my fault, :D I talked with him about the Joys of Bell and the downfalls of EC when he was a young and impressionalble Lad. He's seen pictures of me in that afore-mentioned position when I used to fly those dreaded geriatric-stars at "???" Ltd.

Poor little fella never had a chance after a few hours in my presence. :huh: ...Then after a ride in the 407, the young Tot was smitten by the Bell bug. :up:

Be easy on him, it's not his fault :D

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