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Say A Prayer/send Out "safe" Vibes/think Positive

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You are absolutely right, BE. I was going to same the same thing. We are talking about two different things.


Not only could I not change anything, I never tried. Hope was the last sanctuary or safe-haven in a difficult time. That's all I meant. Sorry if you felt I was attacking; I wasn't.


(Sigh.) :)

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Sorry if you felt I was attacking; I wasn't.

(Sigh.)   :)

I never felt that I was being the target of an "attack" at all. I am used to very vigorous battles of "ideas" and never take things personally at all...

Hope is the last thing to die, so to speak, is the last refuge for someone facing a tought time. Believe me I know what that is.

What I was pointing out is that no one should let himself fall on a situation to let himself believe that "past events" can somehow be altered, changed or influenced by some exotic means. That is a false hope...

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VICTORIA, B.C. — At least one man is dead and four others are missing following the disappearance of a float plane on a flight between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland, authorities said.


A hiker found the unidentified man's body on a beach on Quadra Island, about 15 minutes from Campbell River, the Vancouver Island town from which the de Havilland Beaver owned by MJM Air took off Monday for a logging camp on Knight Inlet.


... ... ...


One dead, four missing after plane vanishes off Vancouver Island

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Thanks BE - it doesn't look like it's going to be the outcome everyone hopes for, at times like this....


I add my condolences, too - and a prayer for a finding of peace and closure for the families.

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