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Government subsidized mountain course?


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I’m have my Canadian commercial helicopter pilots license with about 800hrs. 

Recently been laid off for the season and am looking at getting my mountain course to help my chances at finding employment. 

Basically wondering if anyone has successfully applied for the Canadian government to pay for the mountain course while on employment insurance? 

I imagine so as it would be considered training to further the career and increase chances of being hired. 


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I've heard they may pay up to 8 thousand dollars and you will need to pay for the rest. It takes a bunch of hoop jumping and the course needs to be with an accredited school. (so you can't do it through a company that you want to buy a job with ) Last I heard the Canadian Helicopters Mountain course is around 25 grand. It's the government you are dealing with so don't expect it to happen over night. Good luck.

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