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Any Openings?


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HAHA ####!, Im not even a pilot (yet!) just thought I would help 3Lions out as the summer season is coming up and soon we will see GSH ads for Drivers and Wrenches everywhere! But I did use to work for a company on Vancouver Island till they sold the base.


Good luck 3Doors!

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Hey all


If you are willing to make the move to Yellowknife 3Doors, then your chances of getting work with Great Slave are pretty good. I hope everyone understands that I do not speak for GSHL. Give Kevin Lang a call.


Yes...new AStars. Not something I'd might drool over, but there are a few puddles on the floor. Now a 212, 205 or 204 would get me drooling. :up: Sorry Maggie, but I think I am turning into a Bell man myself. :lol: I hear a bellboy joke comming on. Maybe I am just bitter 'cause I had to finally buy some metric tools.



Anyway that is all from me...gotta go home...working Sunday too.


Apprentice :huh:

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