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Airbus Helicopters H145 T2 Flight Manual


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4 hours ago, Winnie said:

Unfortunately not able to help, but if you could find anyone with EC225 info they might be able to help, isn't that the same system?




AFAIK, Puma has different cockpit and instruments. H145's new systems are used in the Airbus Helicopters H175, but I still need technical data for H145 T2 itself (fenestron, it's taller than T1 version etc)

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Also can't help other than to say that the displays look almost the same as the ones in a 407 that I flew with the garman 500 displays and the moving map display is almost the same. The one I flew had Tcass included in the moving map display. I tried to find info on that system before I had to fly that ship from Texas to Canada....not much luck on the old interweb. It turned into touch and try which was real fun in Dallas airspace....Figuired it out after a lot of ...Doughs!!!!  Was real fun when the moving map would change to a radar screen and start blasting warnings about traffic!!!!

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