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Most hours in a day, week, month or year.

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53 minutes ago, Bladestrike said:

I think I actually did 16 hours one day but don't have that logbook with me.  I tend to remember things wrong, or so the wife tells me.  I do recall doing 180 hours in 19 days back in the 80s, inertial nav survey.  180 was the limit in 30 days so I had to stop early.

I was doing the same kind of work in 1984 (inertial nav), my last gig in the business.  I was wrenching with Lakeland back in those days.  I got to work all night since the chopper flew from sun up to sun  down.  A 500D on the Prairies.  Some 'big-***' gyro operated box in the rear compartment that use to take an hour to get spinning before you could lift off.  I'm betting an iPhone could do the job of all those gyros now


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