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Latest Vertical Issue

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Hey Reyno,


Great job on the latest issue.


One of the best so far.


The 50 year bio on John Shultz's career was a fine peice.


Should do a milestone section in every issue.


Keep up the great work. Really enjoy the read.





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I'm soooo bummed... I was at the ramp office this morning, and about a dozen mailboxes had the new issue in 'em, but they're all wrapped in plastic. I couldn't even cop a read while waiting for my instructor. Gonna try and do some major licking tomorrow to borrow a copy... :P:P:P

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Glad you all liked the latest issue. We had fun with this one, especially with the story on John. Although flying along the coast with the AB 139 was nice too...


The next issue promises to be even better.


We have a great story on the Bell 205. I know, it's an old aircraft, but there is much confusion surrounding the various models and STCs.


Everyone has been great to help with pictures lately. Maybe someone can help again. I am looking for a picture of a crashed helicopter in the water. We need it for a story on underwater survival training!

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