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The Great Debate


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Hard for us here to give an unbiased opinion on which route you outta take Xxxx. I was in your exact shoes some time ago and had to make a choice...planes or helicopters. For me it was an easy choice and took the heli path, no regrets. 🆙

You're the only one who can say for sure which you want most. A factor that you should consider is social life. You'll hear a lot of people say don't be a heli pilot if you want a family, or have one already and want to keep it. Heli pilots are away from home far more than most FW pilots. If you have a family, sit and talk it over either way. And don't sugar-coat that chat...be blunt and honest. Especially if you're going the heli route. Many wifes have visions of "dashing pilots" untill their hubby becomes one..reality is a *****. ;)



If you're still undecided after much pondering, try this.

-Book another discovery flight in both airplane and helicopter. The one you find yourself the most excited about before-hand is the road you should take. Otherwise you might spend the rest of you career wondering what might have been.


Once you decide, research it fully. Talk to as many pilots as you can find. Talk to as many schools as you can also. And Zoe is right, that route is cheaper...but good luck getting hired with just 65 hours in a helicopter. Hard enough with 100!

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There's way more financial upside in the Seized Wing business


Not exactly sure how you figure that one but to each his own!


Hepkat, here's a very simple breakdown of the two:


Fixed wing: less money, more stability, half a chance at social and a personal life


Rotary wing: more freedom, more flexibility, more independence, more money (at least from my point of view), more fun, NO social life, NO vacation during the summer, terrible odds of having a succesfull long term relationship with anyone, worth every minute of it!

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hey hepkat,

Im in the same spot but I have gone a little farther, I have been running a non-aviation business and that has been good enough to let me get my f/w pilots license(ppl) I have a 172 and 400 hours and I love to fly f/w but I am in a contract untill next year and then I plan to get cpl sell the 172 and goto r/w training here is why..all the guys that I trained with are out flying twins they had to work instructing for 3 years (600-700 hours) and they were making under $25 000, now they fly light twins ifr doing bank runs where they fly out at 6 am fly .4 hours land and sit and wait untill 6pm fly back .4 hours and they are at $35 000, boring for 45 min a day..... some of them have 1200 and are flying king airs and geting $40 000 and geting 200 hours a year if they are lucky... one has got realy lucky and has gone to the atr and is getting timed out every month and is at $50 000 and gets to goto texas 2 times a year for training, for him this is after 9 years if this is for you go ahead... once you are at 4000 hours you can apply at west jet and at 5000 you can apply to air canada if they are still open by the time you get up to 5000 hours..... for me I can't have fun flying ifr all the time at 25 000ft you cant see the world, for everyone I know in r/w you don't get to fly all day but you don't just sit and wait everyday all day you are helping the company get set up to fly the only problem with r/w is getting your first job with 100 hours, you only fly low in r/w and you can see the world close up and everday will be differant and challenging thats why I will love to fly helicopters.....

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one thing that i considered was the number of fixed wing training schools in operation in the country versus the number of helicopter...it seems like every field has at least one fixed wing school...there might be more jobs...but for sure more competition....as for first jobs there is always instructing for fixed wing though...which helps you get foot in the door...


my advice is keep the business, which must be successful if you own a 172...and pick up a nice little float plane...one that gets you home to your family every night...


best of luck with your decision

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thanks snowedin but for me its not my company Im just contracted to run it and life is to short to sit and do something that doesn't make you happy, yes I have been able to fly on my own but Im not waiting till Im 45 and pissed that I didn't do my dream. The wife wanted a new envoy and I won with the 172 as its the same price I think less as in 10 years the 172 will still be worth something!

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