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Hey Deuce Bigalow

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Hey Deuce - U were right about it being hot, 41 Deg Celcius today and about 80% humidity. :blink: Glad I left the ski jacket at home :wacko:


Found the bar in the Millenium you spoke about :up:


Staying out at Jumeriah Beach overlooking Palm Island and the World. :up:




Heli Ops

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Glad you found Biggles. I'll bet our Biggles didnt know there was an aviation bar in Dubai named after her.


There is going to ba a good commuter operation running out to the Worls once they get it up and running. The people who can afford to live there will not want to boat it in rough weather.



Enjoy Dubai. I always do.

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Always love coming here to Dubai. Went for a drive down to Abu Dhabi day before yesterday to catch up with some friends and had lunch on the little island by the Palace Hotel.


The amount of construction here in Dubai is amazing and where I am staying there are 35 twenty plus story apartment buildings being built, AT THE SAME TIME. :shock: :shock:


We are off flying in a couple of hours so will post a few piccies when I get back this afternoon. Got a sneak peek in the Royal Flights Boeing BBJ, absolutely F***king amazing :up: :up: :up:


Oh well time to leave the comfort of my air conditioned hotel room and venture out into the humidity soaked outside region. Supposed to be cool today, only 39 Degrees. :rolleyes:


Later all.



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the Burk al Arab Hotel. To keep the rif raf out they charge people 30 bucks just to go in and have a look. Of course you can apply it to your bar bill.


Tiger Woods was in town a few years ago for the Dubai Desert Open and got paid a load of $ to drive a ball from the Helipad. It went a long way needless to say.

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