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Panama J

I always thought there was a certain amount of reciprocity (and not) between aviation license issuing states. Licenses that required a spin on the flight test for example could be converted, others could not. I used to hold two European PPLs and when I converted to Cdn, it was easier to use the UK license as the other one was not accepted. This was in the late 1900s...er..1980s. This may all have changed now.

Your story is fascinating and I am sympathetic to the situation. I can imagine that living in your wife''s country is where you would like to be. Can you confirm then that a (I am guessing) Mexican national with a Mexican license can indeed convert to a Canadian license. Unfortunately I could never see Transport and/or Immigration cooperating on denying or granting a Mexican entry into Canada and/or a commercial pilot''s license, that would be even more complex a problem than this sentence is.........

Are there still licenses that are not accepted in Canada (Transylvania, Timbuktu, NeverNeverLand etc..)

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Atlantis, sorry I misread your post. I get it now.


Yes you would have to convert a JAA license, but I do believe it''s a whole lot less expensive here. The cost of the medical over there would cover most of the costs here. Then there are the exam costs, and the a/c costs. Take into consideration that the exchange rate favours Europeans, well that''s what I meant by it ain''t cheap to convert to JAA.


For me I would love to move back to Oz. I have the license, and the right to work, but alas way fewer jobs there than here. I love flying here, but I love the country Downunda. Especially when we were living close to one of the best beaches in the world. *drool* Ahh Surfers Paradise.



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Atlantis-----no I don''t think so. The average Canadian pilot is just looking for fairness all across the board. They get upset when:


1) We allow anyone that qualifies, to fly in Canada, but their countries won''t reciprocate


2) When aboriginals in Canada get the flying courses paid for by the Feds and the rest of the population doesn''t.


3) When any pilot, immigrant or not, indicates that he will work for nothing or very little and the rest are told that they are lazy because of that.


Fix those problems and I doubt this subject would be discussed here.



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1) I don''t knows the details of what the books say but if that is the situation, then something should be done.


2) Not fair at all. Again, I don''t know the details of the Canadian culture, but it sounds unfair to me. I applied for a Canadian college and I noticed that the form mentioned there were a few seats for black people. It said it in a very correct manner of course...but that''s basically what it said. That''s racism and it''s wrong.


3) In any industry where there''s more people to employ, then jobs available, this kind of thing happens. I bet most pilots wouldn''t mind flying for AC or another major for free for as long as they could afford it, just to get that experience on their resume and those hours logged. Until all those retirements that every flying school mentions on their website ( ) happen, things won''t change. That''s my guess...

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stop crying baby

how many point do you get from being a pilot as far as the immigration appli. is concerned?


Big deal, what are you talking about, somebody is stealing your job? I guess you didn''t deserve it or didn''t work enough for it.

Finding a job is tough i must admit, it took me 1.5 year to get an interview with the company i am with? but i worked for it.

Go to Europe if you want, even if you could work there i am not sure if you could pass the exams?

Don''t blame the immigrant but blame yourself.

If somebody with english as a second language get a job in front of you i guess it is because he has more to offer?

Good luck.

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I probably shouldn't comment about this one but Cap brought up a good point.


We are a rasist Country, plain and simple.


Some get differential treatment based on their genes.


I am carrying the genes of savages that roamed this big country hundreds of years ago.


I will not hold a status card and take unfair advantage of being part savage because I abhor taking unfair advantage of my fellow man. ( occasionaly I have taken unfair advantage of my fellow woman, but that is another subject all together.) 9.gif


As to the JAA / JAR requirements they are far more bureaucratic and far more difficult to deal with....But hang in there Transport Canada is catching up real fast.9.gif

I have worked in many, many Countries and flown almost every devise made by man and never, never used my being part savage to get a job.


One more thought... Look around and you will have more to worry about than the odd immigrant taking a job, the way things are going there will be lots of you looking for work outside Aviation...the whole world is going to **** in a hurry as far as flying jobs go.


Reverend Chas W...Retired Merc.

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On 4/18/2003 6:16:07 PM albator wrote:



stop crying baby



Obviously some have misinterpereted what I was questioning here. I have no reason to cry like a baby. I''ve been in this business for 27 years so am far from looking for that elusive first job.


I was merely wanting to know what the rest of you thought on the subject and trying to stimulate some discussion on it.


Personally, I feel that as long as we have underemployed/unemployed people who already live here we should not be allowing more immigration by people who''s profession is the same. Wait until there is a shortage and then let them immigrate. Why compound a problem??


I am far from against immigration by people who''s skills can be put to use in our fine country, what I am against is allowing people to come and compound a problem that already exists.


Anyone who thinks this ranks up there with the white sheets and burning crosses should take a long hard look at the reality. It is tough to get a start in this business and I just think we should look after those who are already in this country first.



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I agree with Twotter 120%
We have to take care of our own first.  We have Veterans who have fought like **** to get the freedoms we now enjoy and yet most of them are on the poverty line or living in cardboard boxes....what the *^&* is up with that. We let foreigners in by the droves and support them and their families yet we cant take care of single moms with dependent children.


We train and educate foreigners yet we cant give our educated and umployed citizens first crack at the job because of fearing reprisals from the human rights tribunal.





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