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Most Powerful Light Twin

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407 Driver, why do always want to hurt me?


That really stings.


I'll have to dig out my Bell hat that says that exact same thing......it's prolly about 20 years old so that'd mean you were around 60 when it came out and your memory could of been failing you back then too.

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Didn't the 427 program get cancelled in favour of the "all-new" 429?


It did, but Bell did produce several of them. Deliveries started in January of 2000. Haven't been able to find the numbers, but I think there were a few dozen built, mainly for the US and South Korean markets (Samsung made the fuselage and tailboom).

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1 C-FSAF Bell 427 Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 2002-01-11 56005

2 C-FSUE Bell 427 I.M.P. GROUP LIMITED 2004-10-27 56039

3 C-GGCH Bell 427 Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. 2004-06-29 56041



The IMP one was for a Brampton company as I recall.


Will Bell be upgrading these guys at no cost ?.

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