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My First Flying Job.

Charles W.

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Chuck ----you take me waaaaaaay back......don't stop now. It makes me shake my head remembering one minute and chuckling the next. I'll pass on stories about my first flying "job".....yours are much, much better. Besides, anybody who can rememebr "Radio Range" can't be all bad. :lol:

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I really am lucky because due to the nature of the flying that I do I was required to take the JAR / JAA recurrent CRM and PDM course to maintain my authority to fly transport cat. aircraft carrying passengers in Europe.


I now am very safe and far better qualified to get along with my crew members and I need never fear making the wrong decisions after learning all the Mumbo Jumbo Voo Doo buzz words to describe bad decision making...


..so I can now proudly brag that I having somehow survived all those bad days in aviation before big brother decided to teach us how to get along and how to fly safe. I am now a proud product of the new age think crowd..


I only posted this so all you guys and gals show some respect for me now that I know how to think and all that jazz...


By the way the person giving the CRM / PDM course was not a pilot.


The world has truly gone nuts, now I'm not sure if I really can think properl. But I have been programmed so I must be safe now. :up:


Chas. W.

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