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CTD, does that mean, as the man said, "If it''s going to be, it''s up to me"? Anyway, I do carry that can - I just think that EVERYONE serious about reducing accidents has got to be diligent about supporting EVERYONE in observing limits, using good judgement, and obeying the rules (or, if they''re wrong, getting them changed).


Another expression that comes to mind is, "If we keep on doing what we''ve always done, we''ll keep on getting what we''ve always got." Is there greater proof of that one than this industry?

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Sir: I was just supporting your "Nail their loser *****" remark. I fully agree there should be no tolerance for such crap, and support you in every way.


When admonished for being a little sporty with the machine, there are those who say, and have said, "Well, you used to do it, who are you to talk to me..."


My answer to that is "I used to shiit my pants as well, but I don't do it anymore". Well, much anyway.

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Downwash, I couldn''t agree more with your approach. There are many company''s out there that are taking the appropriate steps to elimanate both pilots and engineers that don''t observe safe practices. 407 mentioned one, and the company I fly for has the same philosophy. However, we as crew need to enforce these safe practices in the field by confronting indivduals observed f@$#&@#$ around and let them know our pax''s, wifes, and kids don''t appreciate ther antics.

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This industry and MOT have one very reliable enforcement agent out in the field at all times......the engineer. If he perceives that you are causing him more work and/or tearing his 'machine' apart, one can expect things to 'come to a head' quickly. The older he gets, the more 'crusty' he gets. It's because of engineers like that, that I am alive today. I've learned more and been 'straightened out' more by these guys than any Operations Department ever did. It's very difficult many times for one pilot to try to correct the actions of another in any way. It's an area that few are comfortable with doing. Put that same pilot in a proper situation with a 'crusty' engineer that isn't impressed at all that he has 35 types on his license and 105,000 hours and 9 times out of 10, the pilot will 'cease and desist'.

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Cap, that''s exactly the "If you always do what you''ve always done, you''ll always get what you''ve always got" type of problem thinking I referred to. I agree 100% that good wrenches have straightened out lots of errant drivers, and still do but, obviously, that''s simply not enough. We need to change that precise attitude you refer to, where "few are comfortable." Comfortable, be damned! Get professional. Self-preservation means self-policing, and the more it''s done, the less we''ll have of people paying for the sins of others.

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