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To Trim or Not to Trim

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Also the only guys I've ever seen get the leans are IFR newbies, so why wrestle the a/c around the sky to avoid something that rarely if ever happens to an experienced crew.

:down: It has nothing to do with experience and anybody can get the leans. If your statement was indeed true I must be flying with a lot of NEWBIES everyday because all of us have experienced it sometime in our IFR careers. It can happen to you at any time and it will kill you, irrespective of your experience, if not recognized and correct for.

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Thanks for bringing this topic back to life RH, as for my hiatus.....been spending my time floating around in the Atlantic on my surfboard!


I've always preferred trimming, but I do a mixture now, depending on the length of the turn....basically anything shy of 60 degrees or so I don't bother.


Check out my new ride (actually still waiting on delivery, my other board broke and I'm riding a plastic nine foot loaner in the meantime).

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