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Sheesh you guys!...here you are just starting your careers in Helicopters and you are complaining about snow! You'll be lucky if you don't spend your entire careers in a snowbank in -30.....it is common in this industry. Dawson creek in the cold is just part of your apprenticeship. It only gets worse. Suck it up!


all meant in fun, Boys, but there is a lot of truth to this.

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It only gets worse. Suck it up!


Unless you are lucky enough to end up somewhere a little nicer... :)

I started in Alberta and I hated it. Like me, you guys will probably have to do whatever you can just to get your foot in the door, then go through the motions and pay the dues. Then maybe down the road you will be spending a good portion of the summer in a fishing resort, being fed like a king, and killing the days by paddling around in a kayak in the sun while you wait for the machines to come back!

Only if you are lucky though! :P




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