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Purchasing An R22

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if i were you i would look at buying a Schweizer 300CBi.


now before you all pounce... ;)


you may have to lay out a little more for the 300 BUT at 2200 hours (not 2000) you will need to overhaul the engine, about a 20K job. next big components i believe is the engine at 4000hrs...20K then i think blades at 5000hrs.....


but by these kind of times you would have already dished out 300K-400K on factory overhauls for an R22.


every 2000 hours on the R22, it goes for the BIG overhaul. someone correct me if i'm out but i seem to recall 150K - 200K US! :shock:


shell out a little more and you have a roomier and SAFER helicopter.........


my boss is a schweizer dealer: www.bchelicopters.com


tell him you heard it here so i can bug him for an eternity about a commision :P not that i would ever see it <_<

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"befor you all pounce" HAHAHA, well, thats exactly what I was thinking.


The R22 is very costly if you hit 2000. On the bonus side you can find alot of them very cheap at 1995Hrs <_<


Do lots of reaserch. Might be able to lease?

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