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The Lama

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Hey, what's the Lama like?


Google gives generic info, I also was told it has the highest altitude record, no I never looked into whether that was true. I understand it is one loud SOB, but performs at 6000 like mean sea.


Throw a pic or two if you've got one, I would love to see a performance on line.

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The Lama no longer holds the altitude record, that was set by the Astar B3 last year with a landing on the summit of Everest. The Lama however still holds the record for the longest/highest autorotation (from ~ 30 000 ft).


Absolute Rotorcraft World Records:

Altitude : 12 442 m


Date of flight: 21/06/1972

Pilot: Jean BOULET (France)

Course/place: Aérodrome d'Istres (France)



SA 315 Lama (1 Turboméca Artouste III B, 735 kW)


Database ID 11657


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Some more pictures of my number 2, you know the number one is the 214....


Golf Papa works for our wine industry in the nice Valais region. (Excellent white wines...)





Whiskey Bravo approaches a heliskiing spot at the border between Switzerland and Italy



C-GWAY from Western Aerial fall 2005 in Chilliwack.


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