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Noise Attenuation

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I've seen a number of different approaches to making a quieter helmet.


Flightsuits/Gentex offers the CEP (little foam plugs with speakers) that plugs into a special port on your helmet. Seems like a relatively low-tech solution, and the helmet can be used with or without the plugs...but also seems like it might be a bit of a pain to have to insert/remove earplugs every time you don/remove the helmet.


Flightsuits/ANR-Headset.com sells 9V ANR add-on kits. They are supposed to provide better low-frequency attenuation than any passive system, but I've heard that they don't work if the ear seals aren't 100% in contact with your melon. Has anybody found that sunglasses/glasses/unusual head positions/longlining interferes with effective functioning of ANR?


Oregon Aero offers the Hush Kit. This seems like a foolproof way to add some more passive attenuation, but I'm not sure if it would offer as much additional attenuation as either of the above two.


I've gone through and re-read a lot of the posts here, and I've seen a few guys sing the praises of the hush kit, and at least one person loving the effects of ANR in a Robbie.


I'm specifically looking for experiences about situation where one of the above systems has been great - or has proven to be less than effective. Does your ANR go haywire every time you stick your head out the window when swinging bags in a 500 with the door off? Does the CEP system make your ears hurt?


If I can be so bold, I'm also wondering if anyone's used a combination of the above. CEP + ANR? (and did the combo put the combined feeds through the CEP plugs, or play the noise-cancelling sound through the normal speakers) ANR + Hush kit? Hush Kit +CEP? All three together?


Thanks in advance, folks.

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I just bought a set of speakers from CEP and had them placed into some custom moulded ear plugs. I highly recomend this. You can buy a set of speakers from CEP for less than $100. The moulded ear plugs cost around $250.

The volume on the control box went from max volume to the minimum setting.

You still get any electrical noise, just not as loud.



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I think the CEP would be nice in a very loud environment ie anything like 500, 206.


I have used them in Astar and did not like it much as things were just too quiet. I think ANR is better way to go for it. Have used the Bose system in Astar and you can still hear most noise just quieter. And you still hear the engine noise. With CEP everything is muted, found the red lines were arrived at way too quickly.



Plus if your audio panel is not one which can be adjusted to suit only you then you will either have sore ears from radios being too loud or sore ears listening to upset customers.



Just mho.

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Agree with mini chopper, CEP work great WITH custom molded earpieces, I paid about $70 for both earpieces - same type as musicians use (& $120 for the CEP). The standard foam ones are a bit awkward and hurt when they wear out - 2 weeks or so of use.


Oregon Aero hush kit works great and is comfortable, but the liner and earpieces harden up when cold out - they warm up after a minute or so after putting the helmet on and are comfortable again.


Hush kit & CEP are a good combo for max protection.


ANR is good as long as one window isn't open or you're not long-lining with your head out an open door. ANR doesn't like that and will have to be turned off and even when off, can be ruined by the modulation. Also battery life varies from one make to another.


Helmets make a considerable difference also, just the reduced ambient noise when the visor is pulled down is surprising.

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Thanks for the good info, guys.


What I'm hearing so far is that CEP is great when you're long-lining, and in noisy cockpits like the 500. ANR seems to be favoured for guys that don't have their door(s) off.


I've already got a pair of custom molded earplugs for use in industrial settings, and like them a lot. I have an adapter to bypass the speaker on a handheld radio, and deliver the audio direct to the earpiece.


Who's had experience with the hush kit vs. ANR on long flights? I've heard that the low frequency sounds that ANR is supposed to be great at filtering out may not cause hearing loss, but contribute to fatigue in a big way. Does the hush kist reduce fatigue as much as ANR?


I know I've got lots of questions here guys, but I'm trying to benefit from lessons that you folks have learned :)

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I have all three systems and here is what I find myself using the most.

My ANR is a bose headset that I use whenever a helmet is not required. It is by far the best noise reduction system. I never tried longlining with the bose headset, so I can't tell you if ANR works when your head is out the door. I have heard about the compatibility issues, though.

I have both the Oregon Aero hushkit and the CEP ear bud kit. The CEPs provide better noise attenuation, but my ears were not ment to be tortured by the earbuds all day long. The CEPs end up hurting fairly quickly. Some other pilots in the company don't seem to have problems, though, as they have been using CEPs for a few years. You'll have to try them yourself. As a side note, I don't care much for walkman earbuds either, so that might be a very cheap way for you to figure out if they would work for you.

The hushkit is a marked improvement over the regular helmet earcups/earphones. There is no issue with wearing it all day since it feels no different than the original setup. It is quieter than a regular helmet.

I have never played with upgraded speakers, but can see how that might be another way of improving the quality of the radio/ICS, but speakers by themselves will not lower the noise level, though.

When flying noisy helicopters I simply use the hushkit along with old school ear plugs.

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Point that Skullcap mentioned - if you have a single audio controller and you use any sort of noise reduction, invest in an in-line volume control. It can plug into the end of the helmet cord and then the ship (8-12" in length). It also will unplug easily if you have to make a quick exit out the helicopter versus plugging the helmet directly in resulting in a 90 degree bend that will not pull out.

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That's exactly why I'm asking these questions. I've met lots of folks in my current job that didn't protect themselves for one reason or another and now regret it. A helmet protects your ears, your eyes, and your skull...I for one put a pretty high value on those three items, so I don't mind spending a bit of money to get the right equipment to protect myself.


So far, I'm pretty much sold on the hush kit. I'm also thinking long and hard about the CEP, but the idea of an ANR headset seems appealing for longer flights from airport A to airport B.

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I have the hush kit and the ANR together, works great, the ANR would flutter with the doors off in a HU500 with your head out the door with the gell ear cups, I put my

hush kit ear cups back on and the flutter went away, I've used it in a mediums and in pistons they work excellent, if you buy the hush kit make shure you buy the corect size, if it's to thick your ANR will not work properly,

I also hooked up a 9.6 v RC battery to my ANR, It's a bit big but It last a long time,

the ANR works really good in a piston machine also.


Cheers JR

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