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Afghanistan Rescue Mission

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But sometimes...just sometimes..."it is what it is" has to suffice. This I know.


Clearly, you won't be seeing this stuff in any ops/flight manuals any time soon (i.e., e-v-e-r). Clearly, lives were put at risk. Clearly, the outcome could've been tragically different. Clearly, these men knew the heart and soul and capabilities of both man and machine. Or were, at the very least, confident in those capabilities. Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to ask "why", but to let it be.


All I know is this (and I HAVE experienced it myself, thank you): There are family and friends forever indebted to those who unselfishly took the mother of all risks, with dogged determination, and succeeded.


Yes, without success...it would be a completely different story <_< ...and fodder for much heated debate. That is all.


TQN: Very well stated me dear and as I was thinking to meself, I says, with her journalistic background I was wondering when the book was going to come out. I hope in my lifetime.

It would be amazing to read a book from a person who has never been involved in avaition, except as a passenger. I think the perspective would be great.


Cheers, Don :punk: :punk:

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Fenestron ----your comments are duly noted and the veiled insults were totally unnecessary. The latter was totally unnecessary because I didn't give you cause to do so with a personal attack. If you surmised one from my statements then you have my apology.


For me to discuss or debate a civilian rescue compared to a rescue during combat demonstrates only one thing..........that I am wasting my time and that you have the advantge over me. That advantage is that you've been lucky enough to know nothing of combat .....and for that you are to be envied by those such as me and never "talked-down to" because of that ignorance.


Chopper_Stew -------you called me "qualified". Soon as someone calls me that it usually means I have to undergo another written test, so careful who you call "qualified"......okay? :lol:


Capster: A gentleman and well spoken (written) as always. :punk: :punk:


Kyle: You just think you heard this from me. Fen-Fen (from TQN) is basically an admitted shyte disturber and should be sent for "help" as required.


To date I personnally have not been offended by any of his remarks, whether meant for me or somebody else. Should people decide to take the baited hook and get into an argument with him, go for it, as long as it remains above board. All statements have to end with IMHO.


IMHO, Cheers, Don :shock: :shock:

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Kyle, I'll be really dissapointed if you ban Fen Fen because of his opinion. We don't have to agree with it and eventhough I personally think he sometimes pushes the buttons just to push them, that's still no reason to ban a member.

There are already too many double standards on this forum, lets not make it worse!


Just for the record Fenestron, the reason why it's ok for the military to do what they do and not for the civilians, is that we, through the government, own those aircraft and expect those guys to do those things if that's what it takes to get the job done. That is precisely their job description. They also train extensively to be prepared for those exact scenarios (ok, moving passengers on the wings of the Apache obviously isn't in the training manual but you get my point!)

The civilian that does the same thing does it with an aircraft he doesn't own (usually), without permission from the owner (unless he is the owner) and in contravention of the regulations that govern this industry.

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Thanks, Don :) Duly noted.


Pfffft. Fen-Fen's not gonna get the boot. I think he tries very hard to behave. Most the time. Sometimes. Okay, once in awhile. :D And you guyz stop calling him Fen-Fen. That's MY nickname for my longtime burr-in-the-saddle buddy. :P *hmph* You have to earn that right! HA!


(With apologies to Chopper Stew for temp sidetrack).

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TQN, not a concern. The only real aside from the topic is that Fenestron has now permanently acquired Fen-Fen as his new handle. Just found out that my request to deploy to Kandahar has been squashed by the higher-ups, no tour for me until 08 it looks like. Oh well, at least the wife will be happy.

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(Yahbut Fen-Fen just comes out quicker/keyboards easier than F-e-n-e-s-t-r-o-n. :rolleyes:)


You sound/seem disappointed, Chopper Stew. You musta had the urge/itch/readiness to go (again?). If that's the case, I'm sorry. All things in their own time. :) In the meantime, enjoy time at home while you can. Every minute.

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Kyle -----agree with Blackmac 1000% regarding Fenestron. He's entitled to his opinion on anything or anybody as long as he does it in a site and group-acceptable manner. You have your rules with regards the site and I have my own personal ones. If I don't personally wish to reply then the conversation with me ends when I don't reply. If I don't wish to read his contributions at all, then I go "click" with my mouse button and he's history. I only wish that daily living were that easy because I'd have "clicked" my mouse on a number of people over the years. :lol:

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