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Air Methods Pilots Vote Yes!

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Actually this is a normal margin. Phi won by around 51% and they are now pushing 70% membership. Here at LSI we only have 15 pilots who are not members out of nearly 400. Basically, when the pilots who voted no, learn how the company really behaves during negotiations and then during the term of the contract, more and more pilots start to join. One of our managers angered so many pilots during our last negotiations we almost gave him an award for the best membership drive we ever had. ;)



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JOE NEGATIVE OR ####: When sitting in a production job (manufacturing) one does not comment on things one knows nothing about.


If you havn't noticed this was intended for people that fly for a living.


AME comments should be religated to the AME section.


P/E questions should be answered by P/E, not wannabees.


I first met Jack Pearson (Spud Islander) in 1952, one helluva an engineer.

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Thanks RDM/Moderator. Well said, at the right time. Those posts were going beyond pleasant jocularities.


I'm sure the two characters involved will now suggest, "if you don't like it....don't read it!"

However, if the topic turns that ugly, they should keep it off this forum and swap insults via personal e-mail.


I always enjoy the individual posts by both those authors, but sometimes they just don't play well together.


Guys, please don't ####-off, or tell the other guy to do it. Your opinions are too good to lose.


The Association Vote page shows just how few pilots read this forum, let's not scare them (or potential members) away with posts like that.


If you disagree with this, or any other post, please express your feelings in a way that you would like to be spoken too. Is that too much to ask ???

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AME comments should be religated to the AME section.


I'm sorry, I know I do not contribute to this section very often, but this comment is way out of line... Are we AME's relegated to the back of the bus?? Do we deserve to be trashed by fools??


I'm glad the moderator stepped in or it may have got ugly. Nice to know your opinion of engineers though blackmac...

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Blackmac, I am interested by your remark....

"If you havn't noticed this was intended for people that fly for a living."


Do you fly for a living? If not, how long has it been since you did??


If you don't fly for a living, why should your opinion be any more acceptable than that of a person that works on helicopters everyday (i.e. an AME) ????

What is this, fascism or a forum???


Hopefully there's room here for the thoughts of active pilots and AMEs, as well as retired pilots and AMEs.


Let's try to keep clean, pleasant, informed and/or humourous remarks the norm here.

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The issue of an association or union is always very emotional, and I can understand where Blackmac is coming from.

Everytime the subject is mentioned there are the naysayers who jump in with negative and sarcastic comments. Until Blackmac's comment, I had not seen any of the supporters of an association slamming those who were opposed.

You may not have been right Blackmac, but I feel the frustration too. :angry:

To those of you who are opposed to an asociation, you have a right to your opinion, as you also have the right to refuse to join any organisation. Your choice. :down:

However, realise those of us who are supporters are not trying to take anything away from you, we are merely trying to improve the overall lot of the industry.

If you look at the Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association poll on this forum, you will see that almost 90% of respondents are in favour of further investigation towards an association - we're not talking union here guys - yet. So, either 90% of members of this forum are in favour, or those who are opposed do not bother to add their vote to the poll. Given the usual vehement negative rhetoric from those against, I would hazard that it is the former, and the vast majority of readers are interested in an association which has the best interests of ALL helicopter crews at heart.

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