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I got the single dark visor with a three piece flex boom. Alex recommended this one for replacement if needed. Any of the three can be replaced independently from the others. There was a choice of 6 colours I believe. Again, the service was great.


I delt with Alex at Maxcraft in Vancouver as well and service was outstanding. :shock:

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I would strongly suggest speaking to Jody Berry at ACRO Helipro in Vancouver for anything regarding a Gallet. I bought my helmet a few years back and not from ACRO, even so they gave me great service, no charge shipping and lots of technical info. PM me and I can supply her contact info.

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Guest heli206212


I was just issued an Alpha Eagle. Delivered in less than a week. Seems like good service.

I will find out who the supplier was and let you know!


Hey maxtorc


how is the new job going?? r u still living in Corner Brook

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I agree with the above, Alex with maxcraft gives excellent service. Bought a alpha eagle there 2 years ago he was pretty good at estimating when it arrived. Have not had a problem with it so far. He thought 4 to 5 weeks and it showed up in 4 1/2, factory was slow building them then. Excellent helmet.

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Ive heard really great things about the eagle. Heavily considering one, have some friends with used ones but they want as much as brand new. Is it better to go with clear or amber as the second visor? Or, i suppose one could buy all three (clean/amber/dark) and switch them out depending on the conditions of the job.


Have a good one


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