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Ec120 Around Huntsville?

Guest sharky

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Now I am really stumped, Bruised Armpit do I know you as well?? As for work in Northern Ontario, there is plenty of it. Its funny how I have been on the locals tails trying to get them into this type of work and they never considerd it until now. I guess that is what completion does. I just hope that the rates don't go down hill....its getting scary around here lately...getting more difficult for a profit come year end. As for us lowitmers...well things must be picking up, we can count Sharky as one more who seems to have made it. Congrats Sharky.

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Puddles, we've never met, but I know who you are. Through Jon.


Jon's leaving was his own choice. I tried to talk him into at least sticking it out for the winter but I guess he'd had enough. To be fair, he lasted 2 and a half seasons longer than most would have down there. I have no idea what he has planned.


You're right Sharkette, it isn't from the lack of work. We're busier now than we have been in the last 3 years, and there isn't much sign of a slow down yet...


That said, I think things are about to change.


BA, to answer your question, looks like I won't be getting my extended vacation this year. This is good. Can't say anything else yet.

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