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Sikorsky S92 Visiting Halifax Area

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S92 or more correctly the H92 Superhawk is visiting CFB Shearwater this coming Friday and Saturday, 24 and 25 Oct 2003.


I am fortunate to be scheduled to fly the aircraft and looking forward to it.


Anyone else interested in seeing it can PM me and I will gladly act as your military escort. I will arrange for you to come on the base to view the aircraft and meet the Sikorsky people. You can speak directly to them and perhaps arrange your own flight, it's their call.


I promise to post piccies of the beast later on. :up:

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Vortex Ring you're the best.. What an awesome machine.. I can only hope someday I get to actually fly it.. opposed to being a passenger... although cosider myself very lucky to of been treated to a couple of short but sweet trips in it!! Hope you have a great flight!!!.. let us know how it goes!!!




WG. :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:


Many thanks to the sikorsky crew as well...!!!

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