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Sikorsky S92 Visiting Halifax Area

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Great piccies RH. You guys are very welcome and I am so glad you came out and got flights, that just topped it all off non?


I would have paid good money to see the faces of the CHC lads when the machine landed at YHZ and you three stepped off :o:D


I am scheduled to fly it Saturday for 45 minutes so I promise to post a few piccies. I owe you guys a tour of the mighty 423rd Maritime Helicopter Squadron and I'll gladly exchange that for a tour of your incredible new hangar you CHC boys have at YHZ, beautiful facility and I can't wait to look about.

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I thought Halloween was next week........jeeze, CHC is handing out the costumes already. :shock: :up: :up:


Bonjour Mario.


And who's is the bald guy back in coach? :P:P :up:


Ah ............. I'm just jealous I never got to drive it :stupid:

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Guest Bullet Remington

Some very nice pixs of the S92. Not a big fan of the paint scheme though :rolleyes:


Couple of thing s caught my eye. Couldn't put my finger on it right off the bat, so I sat and ran my fingers through my hair for a while, before I got it! :D


Have a lookit at those two GEEs sittin in the back. (GEE=Grinnin Ear to Ear.)


Took my a while to notice it then it's right there in front of ya face! Firstly, no self respecting heavy driver would wear those big honky headsets, and the shirts! That was a dead give away. Any heavy driver (S61, S76 endorsed anyway) will have oil stains on their shirts. :wacko:


Now have a good look...see any oil stains?? Nope, so they have to be fakes!! Can't be real drivers! Geez, what Sikorski won't do to make a sale!! :up: :up:

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Oil stains are on the back of the shoulders (from ducking under the blades during the 61 D.I.)


As for the headsets, that was just for the photo as it was quiet enough back there to talk without screaming, and that was without the insulation that the production models will have.


Here's one from the second flight...



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What a motley crew we are...


Funny, we launched from Cougar's ramp, but only one of their employees came out to look at the aircraft. It was overnighting there, they probably had lots of time to do so later.


How are things on the icy rock? Good to be home no doubt!




Here's a slightly better one...

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