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Whats Wrong With This Picture?


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Guest bag swinnger

This is a faboulos photo!

If you have ever tried to take a photo where the light is good both inside and out, you would know how good of a photo this really is. this is a magazine quality photo, Hint Hint.

Some people dont turn on gyros all the time, or just don't on good days. I was always taught to have them on before you start your engine and leave them on as vibration is suppose to be a gyro killer.

The pilot not wearing his shoulder belt is fairly common while long lining, I cant wear mine when I am, and have just excepted the risks in order to be able to do the job.

As for the non essential crew part, some times the rules are bent so that people will have something to talk about when a good photo ends up in Vertical magazine or on the internet.

I wish this was my photo.

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