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A Great Loss To Our Industry.

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Hey Everyone,


To all of you that knew Ian Macleod I must let you know He has passed on. He Was a Guy With the biggest heart that has spent a great deal of time in Helicopters 12,000 + Hrs. He moved on to a better place Saturday afternoon March 15 In Medicine Hat Hospital Due to an injury sufferd on Wed at our hangar. I know there are alot of you that know him he was always on the phone chatting with everyone. Ian And I were just sitting at his desk on tuesday reading threw him first log book. He was a Man that had so much knowledge He had taught me so much and I always wanted more.


I just cant belive hes gone just like that You will Be missed by lots .


I will post details about his funeral when we have them arranged.


He was a Grandfather,a Husband,a Father, He was a Dad to me.


I Miss you Buddy.




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My goodness, what a horrible tragedy that clearly made for an incredibly painful and shocking work day for you and, no doubt, everyone at the hangar, Matt. Mr. Macleod certainly sounds like the kind of man this world needs a whole lot more of. My heart goes out to you and to all of Mr. Macleod's family, friends and associates; I'm truly sorry to read of your loss. Be good to yourselves and do remember him well.

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I have known Ian for about 40 years, he was one of my sister,s boyfriends back in high school, and always a bit of a family friend.

Ian was very instrumental in introducing me into the helicopter world, and kept a very close eye on me during my formitave years in this industry.

Ian was probably best known as CP at Nova, in Edmonton, but he actually started as an AME, and then went on to the piloting side of things.

Ian and his family were very big with horses, and spent most of his spare time hanging out with the kind of people that had more BS on their boots, than in their boots.

He was a long timer in aviation, and I know I will miss him, along with many, many others.

Rest in peace, my friend.


Greg Kennedy

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