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Well, I was perusing the aeroads ( HAC owners club site), and came across a very defamatory type remarks by an illiterate idiot who for some reason felt he would slam our effort. I am not going to reproduce what was written there as it is really low! :angry: :angry:


I will say that HEPAC in my humble opinion is a long time coming and like anything else that's worth pursuing it takes time. Those with the patience and determination will succeed. As far As I know the membership is growing every month. :up:


In addition most of the core members are all respected senior people in our industry.


I would interested to know who this guy is? Who has taken it upon him self to demonstrate a total lack of tact and besmirch the reputation of a worthy cause.


Water off a ducks back Asshooole! :rolleyes:

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There is a difference between the truth and lies with the effort to destroy something. My beef is with one guy not an entire company, personality conflict perhaps! Diving to a level to attack the wife or spouse is some place that no even I would go!

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The truth as you see it, let us not forget that. It is your PERSONAL opinion and only that. I have not looked at the HAC site so I can not speak to that. But if you are going to dish it out then you had better learn to take it.


Just my thoughts.

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