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Firehawk In Canada ?

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I have heard rumur that Ont Gov has been checking into the purchase of three

Blackhawks to have them converted to Firehawks ? Great thought ? Why would they not just hire the aircraft that are here now with some fair contract ? Present deal 200- 300 hours at ? rate and they feel cheated ? Try the cost of running a Firehawk program!! I'm sure the people in the Ont fire system will be able to show the Firehawks should go ahead after all its a empire looking to be built! I also thought transport would not allow restricted Cat helicopters to be used in Fire Control ? KA 32? ,Skycranes , vertols all under STD CAT? I think not ! What are your guys thoughts ?

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I agree that it is probably not a civy certified a/c, maybe they plan to start their own airforce. Pretty hard to justify that to the taxpayers when they don't even differentiate between hiring a 204,205, 212. Just dollars, since they don't use the love seats, they apparently(ha) do the same job. Not sure how many a firehawk carries but doubt if it hold more than 10 pax(albeit at 140 kts).


Probably buy 6 or 7 new 407s for one firehawk, would already have the crews and could sell those wretched Astars to the poor out west. Seems like a waste to me, not like they need the tank and twins for overflying urban areas fighting fire like the U.S. Gotta hire that same salesman for myself, sounds like a good one.


sc :rolleyes::D

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Well talking with the OMNR guys last summer, they would get Sikorsky to certify the Firehawk. Since they have an OC, they must be certified in order for the OMNR to use them. They would be new S-70 Firehawks just like L.A. got, not surplus from what I've been told.


Apparently, the Firehawk can take 2 full I.A. crews, all their gear, and 1.8 hrs of fuel (with the 1,000 gal belly tank installed). All at 140 knots. The cabin in a S-70 is quite large, and doesn't have a big chunk taken out like the 205/212/412. MGW for the Firehawk is something like 23,000 lbs. so you can't really compare it to the old mediums. It's also only 10' bigger overall.


They were looking to buy new mediums, ideally they wanted 212's, but Bell was going to charge the same price as a new 412, but required a minimum order of 6. OMNR only wanted 3 a/c, so asked what the price of 3 VFR 412's would be. It was going to cost them $6 million USD each. A few questions later, Sikorsky was telling them ~ $8 million USD each for the Firehawks. For 2 mil more, they get a much more capable aircraft.



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The Firehawks that Brown Helicopters is selling (and the same that Gooseneck was carrying), are ex-Hong Kong Police. They replaced them with EC 155s. According to Brown, they have received a considerable amount of interest from the US AND Canada since running the ad in Vertical. But they are looking for US$8 million a piece (all low-time machines) - a new Firehawk is in US$12 million range. So the sticker shock may prohibit MNR from buying them.


I have heard though that MNR is VERY interested in replacing the AStars with Koalas.

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Why would anyone want to run a firehawk! Yes they can haul alot of water only if they can keep them flying. We had one on a fire down in Moab Ut. and it spent more time waiting for parts than it did flying.

They would be better off contracting it out and let the operator pay for the down time instead of the tax payers. :down:

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Lets see 3 x 6 million = 18 million for 3 honest to goodness canadian goods 212's


3 x 8+ million = 24 million for 3 WHEELED aircraft without the experience crews(probably have in get some help from the US) aircraft with parts availability which sucks.


My book still says to buy local, even if you bought the expensive 212's you could buy another 2 407s on top to even begin to compare to the firehawk. Plus what about the spares and such.


Ridiculous waste of money.



Company out west used a Puma last year to do the same job and alot cheaper than the firehawk. Believed they picked up 3 or 4 rap crews and hauled butt at 140 kts. At around a million a pop for the thing, you can spend a lot of time and money before coming up to 8 million!!!!!!!


Not sure why they need new aircraft when its ok to go to the cheapest bidder everytime to put their crews in?


Oh am supposed to lighten up,,,,,,,,how bout those leafs and senators eh?



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Have read your link, am in even worse mood. It would have you believe that there are only two worthy aircraft in the world available to them, the 412 and Firehawk. Thats like comparing 407 to 206A. For a country so much a firm believer in single engine night work they sure don't seem to want to carry a tank full of water around in the day with one motor.


The fact they are selling there old 205s and then probably hiring them back from operators to fight the same fires is hypocritic, probably why they are not so keen on singles, have to justify the means. Single engine safety smafety!


Taxpayers should be made aware of this fiasco prior to piddling away millions in Ontario.


:stupid: :down:

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Well talking with the OMNR guys last summer, they would get Sikorsky to certify the Firehawk. Since they have an OC, they must be certified in order for the OMNR to use them. They would be new S-70 Firehawks just like L.A. got, not surplus from what I've been told


Surprise surprise the OMNR research crew( Paid by the budget of the fire suppression) is looking at the ex Hong Kong aircraft that are not civil certed.

this at I would think 8 mil each IF they buy all 3 units. Plus Fire hawk conversion

at ? it would work out close to 12 mil each I believe. This is if you use the LA budget. Seems strange to pay the CREW to research this! All this seems to be for

a Dept that can't seem to justify paying what ? 2300.00 cnd for a 214? Let alone make the company ferry to their job for free! Maybe they don't need a helicopter dept at all when the private industry is crawling over each other to give them the

helicopter at cost? How does this happen? HAC aware of this?


Skullcap: The strange thing is that link is from LA proposal for funding which was granted. Some of the old end of service life Bell 205A1'S that they refer to in the budget proposal are the same aircraft that flew this year for the OMNR ! and for the USFS ! If they were at the end of their service life then way are we not seeing them in the form of a BEER CAN ! Strange how things are presented by Government Types to justify a new program. Maybe the OMNR CREW needs a training session with the LA people to get this project past the new PM Martin chq kitting dept.


CTD: How does one go about getting a used Military helicopter certified to be used in Canada?


Food for thought is it not?


Down with any government helicopters in the commercial market period

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