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Abu Dabi Contract Rates


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no offence but you will have a hard time getting guys to post as those over there may not want certain canadian agencies to know............


that being said...........ADA just gave their guys a 20% raise................


but even so, as 204b said..............not enough :P

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I spoke to one of their guys over there the other day and he was talking about lone ling work in yemen, fire fighting in Italy and tower construction some where in the mountains. He was looking for some one immed. because who ever he had lined up went for the heli sking instead. I turned down because I have a baby coming in March. So if anyone is looking now is a good time to call. I think they want some one for March 7 for six weeks.

cheers.............. B)

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We just had a guy pull the handles here and slip off to ADA. If memory serves correct it was somewhere in the 280 to 300 US a day. His schedule is 8 and 4. Although the first tour will be 12 weeks as your tour only starts after you are online.


That being said,


Yemen, NOPE....way to many guns aimed at the sky there.


Iltaly, think someone meant Spain, all these contracts are now flown by drivers from the respective countries.


Mountains, longlining towers.....40 degrees C in a 212 , naaa.


Know a small handfull of guys who have tried it over the last year or two and the response seems to come back the same everytime..... :wacko: :angry: !!


I do know they have dropped the requirement to have 212 or 412 before they can hire you, apparently they were having trouble finding drivers. Also, Cal F their CP is now back driving the line... :blink: new CP from Britian I heard.

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well I sure am glad to have posted this topic, the more info the better. Don't like walking into the unknown blindfolded. Thanks for input yall.

I'm not too sure about the requirements for low time co-joes or ground crew, I do know the best way to find out is to log on to the web site and fill out the prospective pilot qualification sheet and wait for a reply, actually I think they post the min requirements on the site.




..chance favors the prepared mind......................

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The biggest problem is that the pay is locked to the US$. So when the loonie goes up, your pay goes down. In the last year ADA,s pay has dropped by about 20% along with the US$ for those spending it in Canada. They did give a raise (long overdue) to stem some of the leakage of pilots. The other problem there is the accomadations. They have a sort of trailer camp that was built as temporay accomadation about 25 years ago. They are really rundown now but still no change on the horizon. Also there are only three seasons in this neck of the woods. Hot, hotter, and hotter than a bastid. The bastid hot season is coming up and it can be 45 degrees with high humidity offshore. It ain't even a dry heat!! Some guys seem to like it and some don't. A bit of culture shock for some as well. I'm off to this neighbourhood next month so I'll keep ya posted.

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I just got back from there & I really enjoyed myself, the people there are great, the flying OK, pay is just reasonable, and the camp is what you make of it (they've had pilots show up and leave the next day...most canadians say they've lived in worse). You have no job security, and if you get really sick, well the company is self insured...you'll probably get a ticket home.


They employee alot of pilots, about 120 or so, and about half are Canuks. Aircraft are well maintained, they work the 412's hard and still operate a few 212's and rumor has it that they will be getting the AB139. No work at the present for low timers, however if they have trouble getting qualified pilots they may go to low time co-joe's.


Lots of other Canadians working over there also, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. If you work out of AD, you get alot of time off (they do night stand by without many call outs) so you can enjoy youself during the day. Some of the guys belong to some nice health clubs, great golf, some have bought cars and boats, and there's a good night life there with very nice resturants and good entertainment. Dubia is just an hour up the road, and it's a great city to have some fun. All in all in was a great experience but it's nice to be back in Canada.


They have a web site www.adaviation.com

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