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Abu Dabi Contract Rates


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Hi Max,

3 posts since April 20,.........you don't say much, but what little you do say is first-hand and factual.

What a welcome sight that is !! Most of us thrive on rumour, speculation, emotion, and silliness !!

(Some also enjoy rum, ribs, and sheep, but everyone to there own I guess).


Welcome back to the Motherland, please visit with us all more often.

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I too have recently returned from the Great Dustbowl :D


maxgross has pretty much hit it on the head! The accomodations are the equivalent of a bad camp in Northern Canada. (anyone remember "The Garden of Edra"?)


With the dollar (US) falling as it is, the money side of things is starting to sour. Also, Rev Canada has recently signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi regarding tax issues which means they can look at ADA's payroll!!! :o :down: :down:


As to AK-47's?? Only the poor people have that junk!! :P Always unnerving to have arab guards walk past a bunch of canuckleheads carrying a machine gun :angry:


One is never sure with those guys


Oh, and cyclic monkey would like it there if he likes sheep :up: :up:

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Thanks Cyclic M, I've always enjoyed reading the posts!


One more thing about the money, the quote of 280-300/day is fairly accurate, however they have a monthly salary based system. In other words you get paid for your time off also. A pilot on 8 & 4 would make about 100g's, a year. They do have some requirement for pilots to do workovers (work on your time off) and they pay an extra time and a half. You also get a return ticket back home, or if you'd like to go traveling on your time off, you can get the equivalent to wherever you'd like to go.


I haven't heard of anyone having trouble with Revenue Canada yet but with this new tax treaty who know's. Best to be careful, and try and set yourself up as a non resident.

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Gulf Helicopters.Man are you really going to leave this beautiful place.Who will we ever get to reproduce CTDs ribs on our friday bbq,s Take care and have a good one.

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I understand that money is about the same ( all 3 operators, ADA, Gulf and Aerogulf keep there rates very close), however Canada does not have a tax treaty with Qatar. Accomadations are much nicer, but I understand that there isn't much to do in Doha. All the flying with Gulf Hels is out and backs to the same locations, ADA is a much bigger operation with a lot more variety. Both companies offer 6 & 6 or 8 & 4 tours. On the 8 & 4 you make about 25% more money. Neither company offeries much in the way of benifits.


A number of pilots left ADA for Gulf but returned a short time later. They also have a web site: http://www.gulfhelicopters.com

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i worked at gulf and yes the accomodations are very good. in our crew we had guys going out spear fishing, golfing,drinking..(that is a sport right :P ), last time there they held the qatar open ladies tennis championships with some of the top seeds. admission was free to that. hardbodied women getting sweating and grunting...............ooops sorry........ :P


what was the question?????????????


U$300 a day plus U$42per diem 6/6 or 8/4, married accompanied virtually impossible............


easy work, retirement job. nice equipment................


****** managment.................

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Elvis :


They encourage non Saudi's to observe their justice system.


We lived for sevearl months in the Red Sea Palace Hotel, the main Mosque was a couple of hundred yards up the street from the hotel, at the start of the Madina road and the execution platform was visible from the hotel rooms.


One day my co-pilot and I were asked to witness a beheading by one of the hotel staff, so we walked over to the Mosque.


Not only do they encourage infidels to watch they physically shoved us right up against the chain barrier as close as they could get us.


I do not advise anyone to watch that form of justice, it can be very troublesome later on.


The first time I was in Jeddah I had my wife with me as part of the crew so she could get a visa.


the first day she donned the abiya that was supplied by the hotel so she could walk in public with me. During our walk there were several ambulances and police cars that went past with their sirens blaring...


Later as she was returning the abiya to the front desk the clerk asked if we had taken the execution at the mosque.


My wife was shocked and asked the clerk what he was talking about, he said oh you rellly missed a big one today they beheaded seven men and one woman.


Yeh infidels can watch.


**** break some of their laws and you can participate.


Rev. Chas W

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